The flexographic printing machines model SUPER-FLEXOL are manufactured in series in different versions at 4 - 6 - 8 colours with useful printing width of mm. 800 - 1000 - 1200 - 1400 - 1600. Other sizes only on request

Mod. Superflexol 4/6/8 colors


Main drive machine by AC-motor with electronic panel.

Hydraulic system for automatic throw-off printing repeat cylinders when machine stops.

Hydraulic motors for ink mixing when machine stops.

Hot air drying installation consisting of:

  • electro fan with electric resistances battery to blow hot air between printing stations and drying bridge
  • electro fan for air exhaust

Automatic tension film control in unwind by means of a dancing rollers driven by pneumatic brake.

Automatic tension film control in rewind by means of a dancing rollers driven by AC-motor.

Flexographic printing stations consisting each one of:

  • heavy chrome-plated counter printing roll
  • printing repeat cylinder provided with large screens for an easy cliché fitting
  • engraved and chrome plated anilox inking roll
  • rubber inking roll
  • stainless steel ink tray complete with cover
  • hydraulic motor for ink mixing
  • 360 degree longitudinal printing registers (bi-direction) placed on counter printing cylinders.

Transversal printing registers with possibility of adjustment up to ± 25 mm.

Installation for centralised grease lubrication.

Immediate machine stopping device when web-breaking occurs.

Chill roll complete with rotary joint to allow the connection for cooling water supply.

Double unwind film roll station.

Double rewind film roll station.

Control board with PLC and electric equipment embodied in a metallic cabinet installed on the machine.Main drive push-buttons are fitted in different points of the machine for an easier operation.

N.B. A set of printing cylinders with a maximum repeat length of mm. 500 is supplied as equipment on each machine.