The flexographic printing machines model COMPACT- FLEXOL are particularly suitable for small and medium printing works, being the main characteristic the extremity simplicity and versatility in the use, also considering the compact structure. The machines are manufactured in 4 and 6 colours with useful printing width mm. 800 and mm. 1000. The model 4 colour is arranged to be equipped later of the 5th and 6th colour.

Mod. Compact Flexol 4/6 colors



Main drive machine by AC-motor controlled with electronic inverter panel

Throw-off printing repeat cylinders by hydraulic system

Hydraulic motors for slow rotation of the inking rollers when machine is not running

Hot and cold air drying installation consisting of:

  • Electro-fan with modular electric system to blow hot air between the printing stations and on the over bridge
  • Electro-fan for air exhausting

Flexographic printing stations consisting each one of

  • Heavy chrome plated impression cylinder
  • Printing repeat cylinder provided with large screens for an easy cliché fitting
  • Anilox inking roll mechanically engraved
  • Rubber inking roll
  • Stainless steel ink tray complete with cover
  • Hydraulic motor for slow rotation of the ink during machine stops

360° degree bi-directional longitudinal printing registers

Transversal printing registers with possibility of adjustment +/- 12 mm

Immediate machine stopping devices when web-breaking occurs

Automatic tension film control in unwind by pneumatic brakes and micro dancing roll

Automatic tension film control in rewind by AC-motor and micro dancing roll

Double unwind stations for rolls maximum diameter mm. 800

Double rewind stations for rolls maximum diameter mm. 800

Chill roll with rotary joint for water cooling connection

Main cabinet with PLC and electric equipments to manage the machine. Push buttons are located in different points of the machine for an easier operation

Air conditioning system to control the temperature inside the electrical cabinet

N.B.: A set of printing repeat cylinders is supplied with the machine.

All machines are manufactured in conformity with ECC 89/392 rules.