Focus on opportunities and not problems.

Often in meetings, the priority is to discuss how to solve problems. Obviously, these must be resolved without forgetting that their solution does not create value but often only prevents damage. Instead, it is the ability to exploit existing opportunities that creates value and it is therefore on these that we need to focus.

In fact, value nestles where opportunities lurk, and it is here that every company should look and understand which strategies to implement. Where opportunities are, there is value, so the equation everyone should keep in mind is value = opportunity. But where do the opportunities arise?

As economist Peter Drucker teaches us, even an unexpected and dramatic event such as Covid-19 can be a source of opportunity.

This is the process that led us to implement the latest innovation brought to light in the company.

Last spring, during the complicated period of the lock-down, we saw how difficult it had become to procure the disposable polyethylene gloves that we normally use at supermarket fruit and vegetable counters. These have quickly become unavailable on the market (like sanitizing gels, masks, nitrile gloves, and so on) because in just a few weeks the demand has reached 10 times the supply. Historically, it was at least a decade that the demand for disposable polyethylene gloves was met with the import of the finished product from Far East countries (where labor costs are obviously lower).

«A grapefruit is just a lemon that has seen an opportunity and has taken advantage of it» (Oscar Wilde).

The final result obtained is the result of a far-sighted vision and a strong proximity to the market, which allowed us to seize and pursue a new business opportunity. An automatic electronic heat sealing machine able to combine the classic high-speed production of shopping bags and open mouth with that of disposable polyethylene gloves (HDPE – LDPE embossed and not) and biodegradable and compostable films (MaterBi). The guidelines of the new project have led us to the creation of a high-performance machine capable of realizing different finished product outputs. Reliability, flexibility, and speed: these are the drives that, as always, pushed us to search for the final solution.

For the production of polyethylene gloves, the automatic heat sealing machine has been configured with a double overlying unwinder (capable of processing reels with a maximum diameter of 1100 mm. And a width of 1700 mm.), An in-line embossing unit, and a die-cutting module. at high speed up to 200 cycles per minute: at working speed, with the production line distributed over 8 lanes (4+4), the plant guarantees a production capacity of 96.000 gloves per hour.

Our ambition is to be considered a reliable partner with which to establish a long-term business relationship. Someone you can rely on. That is technically prepared, able to provide advice, and the best solution to the customer’s needs, able to face and manage emergencies and sudden needs. A path of growth shared with our customers: this is the path we have decided to undertake and which guides the choices of our company every day.