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Flexoprinting and embossing of trademark in-line with blown film extrusion
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SALDOFLEX gets an A+ rating
Purchasing new equipment is a major investment: when choosing a supplier, we should take into account not only its know-how but also its financial soundness, which is essential to be able to deal with demanding projects, support innovation and ensure long-term stability in customer relationships.
Our presence on the market since 1961 and the hundreds of flexographic printing machines and bag-making machines installed worldwide prove the value of our technology; but how can we guarantee our customers, especially those who have not known us for a long time, that we are perfectly capable of ensuring continuity while respecting our commitments even when faced with unfavourable economic and market conditions? To answer this question, we recently decided to commission an external party to carry out an in-depth financial and behavioural analysis of our company. As a result of this, we are proud to announce that SALDOFLEX has received the "A+ / HIGH Credit Quality" credit rating based on the complex calculation models of MOODY's Analytics and Credit Data Research.
Here you can see the Credit Passport with the rating and details: from today, even those who do not know us have one more reason to choose SALDOFLEX!
An American company has commissioned us to develop a system that cannot only print but also emboss a texture and a logo / trademark on an LDPE - HDPE film intended for bag production.
The technological challenge was demanding due to an unusual combination of needs:
remarkable width (2000 mm), high speed (220 m/min), remarkable embossing depth
excellent printing and embossing quality on the entire width, even at maximum speed and on films of different materials and thicknesses
capability to emboss different logos / trademarks without replacing the embossing cylinder
perfect in-line synchronisation with blown film extrusion line and excellent web tension control even with a thickness of just 7 microns
To make sure all requirements are met, we have designed and created a very special print + embossing unit:
2-colour counterimposed FLEXOL 2000x1200 printing unit with pneumatic dancer rollers system for perfect synchronisation with the extruder
special brush spreader rollers both before printing and before embossing
inking with closed chamber doctor blade with quick disassembly and ceramic-coated anilox cylinders engraved with laser technology
electronic viscometers for fully automatic ink viscosity control and adjustment in any working condition
motorised simultaneous and parallel advancing of the printing cylinders
print outfeed calender driven by brushless servomotor and digital drive
in-line embossing unit, placed immediately after printing, characterised by an extremely sturdy structure
embossing cylinder and counterpressure rubbered camber-surface cylinder with differentiated diameters
embossing cylinder mechanically engraved to create the background texture whereas, for the embossing of logos, interchangeable engraved blocks have been made, which are secured in special housings made in the cylinder jacket and can be shimmed as needed
hydraulic pistons controlled by a dedicated adjustable pressure unit to vary the compression force of the embossing cylinder depending on the materials, thickness, speed and more or less marked embossing effect to be obtained
anti-static bars to neutralise the electrostatic charge created between the embossing cylinder and the rubbered cylinder at high speed
by-pass to handle the production of non-printed and/or non-embossed films
The machine, recently installed in-line with a high-performance German-made extruder and successfully tested, is also equipped with a remote diagnostic system via the Internet to ensure the highest standards of service for the customer.
Our new embossing units, as well as our flexoprinting units, are entirely designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Italy and can work in-line with blown film extruders, bag-making machines, slitter rewinders, paper industry machines, etc.
The INDUSTRY 4.0 challenge has now been launched and the so-called fourth industrial revolution offers unprecedented prospects. As with all great innovations, it is not always easy to find your way and fully seize opportunities. We are therefore available to our customers who want to obtain the 4.0 certification in order to provide them with the information they need. Contact us!

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