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Bag-making machines for producing T-shirt bags, bottom-seal bags, bloc-notes bags up to 8 lanes.


Bag-making machines for bottom-seal bags, garbage bags, draw-tape or anti-drop bags on rolls up to 3 lanes


Flexographic units 1-8 colors, up to 3200mm width, for printing in-line with extruders, bag-makers, etc...


Flexographic presses 2-8 colors for printing roll-to-roll on paper, film or raffia, up to 2500mm width

Tailor-made solutions available for every specific need of our customers!


Did you know? SALDOFLEX can help you out with qualified service and original spare parts for your OMAT/CMF flexoprinting presses. Thanks to an agreement signed in 2005 with company NORDMECCANICA, at that time owner of OMAT/CMF brands, our company has acquired the original drawings and bills of materials of such flexopresses and has become, therefore, the sole company entitled to supply original spare parts. In case of any need, you can rely on us: we are at your complete disposal.


Draw-tape bags on rolls: now also on double lane!

With the all-new automatic servodriven ROLL-FLEX DRAW-TAPE 2 LANES bag making machine, recently delivered to a primary European converting company, it is now possible to produce draw-tape bags on rolls also on two independent lanes instead of on single lane. The 2-lanes production on the previous version of this machine was limited to standard anti-drop bags on rolls, the draw-tape bags having always been processable on single lane only. Apart from this double-lane draw-tape feature, the newborn sealing machine sums up all the new features recently introduced on the whole ROLL-FLEX series thus representing the ultimate technological synthesis of our company and the state-of-the-art in the field of automatic bag-making machines.

These are the main technical features:

  • total flexibility: ability to work on 1 or on 2 lanes, with possibility to produce draw-tape bags on rolls also on both lanes contemporarily. Bottom seal and double seal with possibility to shift from one another directly from operator panel while machine is running without the need of any further intervention on the machine;
  • possibility to obtain gusseted bags, star-seal bags, no-drop side-seal bags, "C"-folding, double "V"-folding;
  • two independent draw-tape unwinding systems (for right and left lanes) with automatic change, each one consisting of two motorized unwinders and one system for accumulating and automatic splicing on-the-fly in order to allow changing the draw-tape reel without having neither to stop nor to slow down production;
  • sealing bar with special design to allow an extremely quick replacement of the teflon tape (less than 2 minutes);
  • servocontrolled pre-cut blade, with electronic micrometrical adjustment of the pre-cut depth directly from operator panel during normal production, without any need of manual intervention on the machine and with possibility to save the pre-cut depth value in the recipe of the job;
  • automatic rewinder working on two completely independent lanes, each one driven by its own servomotor. This allows the best control of the tensioning and of the speed on each lane, also in case the thickness of the film on the jumbo roll is not perfectly uniform all across its width. Further significant enhancements, leading to great improvements in terms of speed, precision, reliability and noise level, are the new drivetrain to the winding spindles by means of toothed belts instead of gears, and the new system for the axial movement of the spindles for roll extraction, which is now servodriven instead of pneumatic;
  • the rewinding cycle can rely on No.4 stations/shafts on each of the two lanes, in order to allow to perform contemporarily the four phases of winding, tear-off at the pre-cut, taping and discharge of the roll;
  • No.25 roll changes per minute (complete with taping), for very high productivity also when producing rolls with a low bag count;
  • taping units now with water metering and dosing system by means of rubbered roller and engraved anilox roller. This system, derived from the inking principle of the flexoprinting presses manufactured in our Flexo Division, allows the best accuracy and repeatability in adjusting the quantity of water reaching the gummed paper regardless of the machine speed, thus avoiding any issue related to wrong or unstable dosing and making it possible to rapidly tune the unit to any specific type and brand of gummed paper;
  • excellent ergonomics and ease of use thanks to the adjustable-position operator panel with 19" colour touch-screen and to the software which is completely developed by us.

It is worth underlining that ROLL-FLEX DRAW-TAPE bag-making machine is available both in 2-lanes and in 1-lane versions.

Also the ROLL-FLEX 3 LANES series takes all the features and innovations listed above, extending them to the production on 3 lanes except, of course, those specifically related to the production of draw-tape bags.

All versions of ROLL-FLEX bag-making machines share a number of features which contribute to making it the absolute reference in the market: shaftless motorised unwinder with hydraulic lifting and positioning of the jumbo roll, in-line motorised slit-sealing and post-gusseting unit, automatic web tensioning control, automatic web-guiding system, photocell to process printed film, static polarizer to allow obtaining solid and perfectly wound-up rolls free of air bubbles also when using very low thickness film, "Bio-Ready" technology to process all the new-generation biodegradable and compostable materials and, last but not least, thanks to our Flexo Division FILIPPINI & PAGANINI, the possibility to equip the bag-making machine with an in-line, 1 to 8 colors flexoprinting unit perfectly integrated in the machine both from functional and aesthetic points of view.

6-colors 2200mm flexoprinting unit in-line with extrusion

It just crossed our factory's gates headed for one of the many production sites of a major European company where several dozens of flexopresses manufactured at our Flexo Division FILIPPINI & PAGANINI are already working since a long time.

We're talking about the new 6-colors stack flexoprinting unit FLEXOL SERVODRIVE 2200x1200: designed to work in synchronization with a blown-film extrusion line with MDO system, it brings together accuracy, speed and flexibility features which make it the most advanced technology available in the niche market of in-line stack flexopresses.

This unit, that reaches 200m/min speed, comes with the latest solutions in order to guarantee the best printing quality and the highest flexibility. Its sturdy 100mm thick structure hosts six flexoprinting decks having 2200mm useful printing width (printing repeat 500-1200mm), designed to perform all printing combinations 6+0, 5+1, 4+2, 3+3. Each one of the six diam. 207mm impression cylinders is independently driven by its own servomotor: this system, that characterizes the SERVODRIVE versions of FLEXOL series, allows to process also materials which are very critical in terms of control of the tension, as well as to electronically fine-tune the longitudinal register by adjusting the speed of each servomotor rather than through a mechanical system based on differential gears. The inlet, front/back and exit calenders are independently driven by three additional servomotors. The cross register is motorized and, as well as the longitudinal one, can be managed from touch screen.

The flexibility in managing the job changes is guaranteed by our "Quick Sleeve Change-Out System": the change-out of cliché-sleeves (fitted on carbon-fibre pneumatic mandrels that ensure low inertia combined with high rigidity) can be easily performed directly in the machine, avoiding to handle the heavy plate cylinders that are used on non-sleeved presses.

In order to comply with the demanding quality requirements of the end user, inking system is by enclosed chamber doctor blades (made of Teflon-coated aluminium) combined with ceramic-coated, laser-engraved anilox cylinders diam.159mm. Each enclosed chamber is fed by a pneumatic double-pump through a viscosity control system that automatically keeps the viscosity of the ink at the set value and allows to set and perform different washing cycles depending on job change (e.g. for the transition from light color to dark color or vice versa). Pumps and viscosity control systems are placed on a movable trolley for easy positioning and maintenance.

Further interesting features of this flexoprinting unit are as follows: banana rolls both before and after printing to remove film wrinkles, motorised simultaneous and parallel advancing of the anilox cylinders and of the sleeve-cliché mandrels (No.4 brushless motors on each printing deck, with recirculating ball screws and high-precision sliders), automatic throw-off of the sleeve-cliché mandrels when machine stops, electric lifting hoists for easy and safe maintenance procedures, remote diagnostics through internet.

  Thanks to our innovative technology, all our equipments are ready to process BIODEGRADABLE FILM  
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