December 2013

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Bag-making machines for bottom-seal bags, garbage bags, draw-tape or anti-drop bags on rolls up to 3 lanes


Flexographic units 1-8 colors, up to 3200mm width, for printing in-line with extruders, bag-makers, etc...


Flexographic presses 2-8 colors for printing roll-to-roll on paper, film or raffia, up to 2500mm width

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With this newsletter issue we definitely bid farewell to 2013. A controversial year, which saw the market swing back and forth between clear confirmations of a deep crisis and faint signs of recovery, in a continuous interweaving of discouragement and optimism. Before entering a 2014 which we do hope to set a real change, we want to illustrate some of the many innovations on which we have been recently working with effort and enthusiasm: along with the ritual greetings, they represent our humble contribution to create together strong foundations for a real and steady recovery.


HDPE cold–laminated food paper: with a dedicated brand-new version of our SUPERFLEXOL printing, lamination and embossing made with one only machine!

HDPE cold–laminated paper for food packaging (a 6–8 microns thickness HDPE film is commonly used) is widely employed in supermarkets, delicatessens, butcher shops, fish markets, etc for wrapping fresh food products characterized by high umidity and ⁄ or presence of oil or grease. The advantage of the cold–laminated paper is a far easier recycling process, which can begin already during the separate household waste collection as the polyethylene film, coupled to paper by means of a cold process, can be easily peeled out and separated from the paper by the consumer, which is impossible for the coated paper, obtained by extrusion coating. Obvious is also the advantage, in terms of recyclability, compared to wax paper.

We recently developed, and successfully installed at a major Italian paper converting company, one flexoprinting machine of new conception: our 4–colors SUPERFLEXOL 1000 x 1200 with in–line lamination and embossing. This special stack flexopress, which enriches the already wide range of versions of our high–end SUPERFLEXOL series, allows to carry out in a single machine all the processes needed to obtain rolls of printed and polyethylene–lined paper ready to be cut at the size required by the retail market.

The lamination and embossing units, perfectly integrated in the machine’s structure, are positioned right after the drying bridge and immediately before the rewinder. The unwinder of the HDPE film is motorized, with electronic tension control. The glueing and lamination module, conceptually similar to a single–colour flexoprinting unit, puts a very thin layer of vinylic solution onto the paper before it comes in contact with the polyethylene film. The metering and dosing of the vinylic solution are made by means of a fully–rubbered cliché cylinder which receives the solution from an engraved copper–coated anilox cylinder. The solution reaches the anilox cylinder from a tank by means of one rubbered fountain cylinder. The embossing unit, placed right after the lamination system, gives the laminated paper the desired surface finishing by pressing it between an embossed cylinder and a rubber–coated cylinder. The operator has full control on all parameters: he can adjust the tension of the HDPE film (very important for a perfect planarity of the paper once it is cut in sheets), its centering in respect of the paper, the quantity of glue being transferred onto the paper (by acting on the micrometrical anilox pressure), the pushing force of the embossing cylinder.

The printing section of this new SUPERFLEXOL has been engineered and manufactured keeping in mind, as usual, the speed, flexibility and quality requirements of modern converters. Capable of a printing speed over 220m⁄min using water-based inks on a width of 1000mm, this stack flexopress is equipped with cliché sleeves with quick change-out system directly in the machine, simultaneous and parallel motorized advancing system, videocamera system for checking the register. It also sports a number of features (such as electric hoists for handling the cylinders, hydraulic lifting system for the reels on unwinding and rewinding units) aimed at an easy, and hence safe, running of the machine.

Technical news on ROLLFLEX series

Also our ROLLFLEX series for bags–on–roll can count on many important technical news, all of them introduced for the first time at K2013 show where they sparked great interest among visitors.

New Draw–Tape double unwinder with automatic change.
On the previous version, a complete stop of the whole machine was required every time the Draw-Tape roll had to be replaced. This is no longer needed. The unwinder is now with double shaft and, thanks to an accumulator and to an automatic splicing system, the change between the old and the new tape can be made on the fly, without neither stopping nor slowing down the production, thus increasing the productivity.

New rewinders.
On our 2-lanes ROLLFLEX DRAWTAPE series, the winder is completely new.
Easily recognizable from the old version due to the split conveyor belt, it features a completely redesigned rolls' winding and extracting system. This allows the rolls to be more compact and free from any telescoping defect. On our 3-lanes ROLLFLEX series we have invested in the development of new kinematics for the winding shaft extraction, now by servomotors instead of pneumatics: this means higher precision, lower noise, lower maintenance costs.
All our winders can now

reach 23-24 cycles per minute (with taping): this means they are some 15% faster than before, with an increase of the overall efficiency of the machine when producing rolls with a low bags count.

New taping units.
They have been completely redesigned also in the water metering and dosing principle, derived from the anilox inking system of our flexoprinting machines. The quantity of water reaching the gummed paper tape is now constant and adjustable with accuracy: this means less wastage, no inconvenience due to excess of water, fine tuning of the unit to different types and brands of gummed paper, higher speed.




SALDOFLEX will be closed for Christmas holidays from December 23rd, 2013 to January 6th, 2014. To all of you our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a truly delightful 2014!

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