The passion for their work

A basement, lots of excellent ideas, the will to do and a huge passion for their work.

Thanks to Mr. Filippini Alessandro and Mr. Paganini Antonio’s passion and genius, Officine Meccaniche Filippini & Paganini were born in 1961.

In just over a decade, the company grew and became a benchmark for the flexographic printing machine manufacturers market. This is how in the 60s the printing unit series FLEXOL and SUPERFLEXOL began to spread in Italy and Europe.


The entrepreneurial spirit

Alessandro and Antonio’s tireless entrepreneurial spirit, pushes them to evaluate another ambitious project: accessing the Automatic Plastic Bag Making Machines market.

This is how Saldoflex was founded in 1972: the product lines become two and the company continues its growth path.



At the end of the 70s, the second generation joined the company and gives a further boost to the business activity: in these twenty years, Saldoflex and Filippini & Paganini have gained esteem and authority on national and international markets.

The company is inspired by the traditional values ​​of seriousness, honesty and fair trading. The company’s ambition has always been to be considered by customers, suppliers and employees, a reliable partner with whom to establish long-term business relationships.


New markets and strategies

The end of the 90s and the entry into the new millennium lead the company to further consolidation.

Despite being an SME (Small-Medium Enterprise), the company has always shown a strong propensity for international trade relations. In these years, exports have acquired an essential strategic value and pushed Saldoflex to enter new markets outside European borders.

In 2008 Saldoflex, through a business merger, incorporates the Filippini & Paganini business unit and therefore presents itself on the market with a single entity. The historical brand Filippini & Paganini represents today the Flexo Division, the brand with which flexographic printing machines are built and branded.



60 years of operations

After experiences gained in other industries and contexts, the third generation has joined the company in recent years.

The liveliness, the will to do, the ambitious ideas and the passion for their work, as well as for those who founded this company, continue to be key drivers for the company’s businesses and growth. 

In 2021 Saldoflex celebrate 60 years of establishment.