About Us

Since 1961 italian excellence in the world

Your results, our strength

Since 1961 Saldoflex has been a global leader in the plastics processing industry.

Our attention is always focused on innovation, quality and maximum reliability, we aim to offer our customers cutting-edge technological solutions capable of guaranteeing a strong competitive advantage.

Each phase of the production process is carefully managed, from engineering to installation to technical assistance, guaranteeing our customers the best benefit from the use of our solutions.

With over 2.300 installations in 58 countries around the world, Saldoflex has globally recognized thanks to the key values ​​we believe in, each of which translates into tangible benefits for our customers.

Customer Oriented

We understand market needs

The collaboration and listening skills of our customers allow us to offer the best solution for each production requirement.

A reliable partner with whom establish a long-term business relationship. Someone you can count on. Able to provide advanced technical advice based on consolidated know-how and a careful look at future trends. Able to identify the best solution to our customers needs by supporting them in achieving their goals.

Project & Engineering

We engineer machineries made to last

We focus on our staff professionalism, competence and dedication to engineering cutting-edge solutions.

We invest in the research of materials and technological innovation to build tailor-made production lines. We select reliable and qualified suppliers, using mechanical materials and automation components with a high technological and quality standard for the construction of our installations: this allows us to guarantee maximum performance, reliability over time and reduced maintenance.

Service & After Sales

We guarantee excellent Service

Customer Service goes hand in hand with the evolution of our technology and has always been inherent in our culture.

We guarantee our customers exclusive support based on constant support. The rapidity of intervention is a fundamental feature for us to avoid downtime, keep production active and reduce costs to a minimum.